Doing a Uganda or Rwanda tour by yourself ?


Do it your self tour
This is perceived by many to be an easy and cheap way to self organize a tour/safari.
Organizing a tour requires a lot of paper work which involves tailor making a safari, organizing transport to your destinations, selecting your suitable accommodations, looking for available accommodation and booking/paying for it, booking/paying for permits where applicable, locating your destinations if you have never been to these places.

However, to do this and not be cheated would require you to do serious research on which destinations to visit, when to visit them, which accommodation is available, which accommodation is affordable and which accommodation has what you want. Apart from that you will have to run around looking for transport, a map and permits if applicable, during this period you are bound to be conned in term of exchange rates or even hiked prices or fares.

Book your tour with the right tour operator and will have saved your self going through all that hassle and will only have to enjoy your dream safari without remorse. Such a Tour Operator will carry the burden of getting you Accommodation, Transporting to your Destination, designing your itinerary, providing you with an appropriate guide and make sure your tour is a total success.

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How do I get a gorilla permit ?

In Uganda it costs USD 500 per day per person for a gorilla permit. You can get the permits in Kampala (the capital of Uganda) at the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) headquarters........ More…

Still Looking for the right tour company ?

Conceivably the most vital thing to look for is reliability and safety. Ask to see the local tour operator’s brochures, licenses and equipment. Also ask for references. While it may be difficult to contact references if you are already in the destination....... More…

Which is the cheapest gorilla tour?

Gorillas are unique and almost extinct creatures that are almost everyone’s must see before they die. If you asked for my opinion, I would say Uganda’s Gorilla tours are cheaper compared to the one for Rwandaof the reasons you will find below.However judging from statistics , rwanda sells more gorilla tours than rwanda.It is an important phrase that they say.... More…